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Cordorus State Park & Dinner

Jeff/Luann Elligson

Tech Day at the Piersol's
Zooming Perry and Juniata Counties

Brian/Carol Piersol
Joe/Sandy Golesh

Fall Breakfast Meeting

Joe/Sandy Golesh

Annual Christmas Party 
Fred/Sue Stauffer
Annual Polar Bear Run
Joe/Sandy Golesh

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Important Notice

During the upcoming Fall Breakfast Meeting some officer positions will be up for nomination with elections at the Spring Kickoff Meeting. Two of the officers, Secretary and Treasurer, will not be seeking re-election. If you have an interest in serving as a club officer please have your name put in nomination at the meeting. The duties of Secretary and Treasurer as defined in the club bylaws are:
The Secretary shall: keep the minutes of the Board of Directors at the Planning Meeting and the Annual Meeting; see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws; in general, perform all duties to the office as Secretary and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the President or by the Board of Directors.
The Treasurer shall: be the principal financial officer of the Club; perform all other duties incident to the office of Treasurer and, upon request of the Board of Directors shall make such reports to it as may be required at any time; be the principal accountings officer of the Club; reimburse members for expenses incurred for the club, but expenditures of more than one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) shall have the approval of an additional member of the Board of Directors. have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be from time to time prescribed by the President or Board of Directors.

Last Event

The Stoogeum Drive

Seven cars made the trip from Lititz to Ambler for a visit to the 3 Stooges museum. The memorabilia was overwelming and fun to see. The theater was showing stooges shorts with plenty of Nyuk-Nyuk-Nyuking and mad-cap slap stick comedy. Thanks to Brian and Carol for putting this drive together. It was a g
reat day for a top-down Miata drive. 


Tech Talk With Bill

Bill Latsha is running out of things to discuss in his monthly column. If you have a topic you'd like to know more about or have an interesting Miata related technical experience you'd like to share Contact Us and we will forward it to Bill.