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 Miatas Return to Amish Country!
 Join us September 24 - 27, 2020
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      Upcoming PACE Events

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Date Event Leader 
  PACE "Let's have a Gas", Chili Cook-off   (Saturday)
   Brian & Carol
                                                          (Updated 8-30-19)
  Tour of Baltimore County Horse Farms.    (Saturday)
  Hersch & Linda
  PACE Annual Fall Breakfast Meeting.      (Saturday)
   John & Pat
  PACE Christmas Party & Luncheon          (Saturday)
  Sue & Fred
  PACE Annual Polar Bear Run                   (Saturday)
   Joe & Sandy
  Buggies & Bridges Regional Event.       (Sept 24-27)
   Pace Club
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** PLEASE extend the courtesy of advising an event leader that you will be attending their event. If you do not, you could be left out!  Thank you!

09-26-19 Eastern Shore Drv.

9-19-19 FFNE II Trip


      Have you ever heard of the "Tail of the Dragon"? This is an 11 mile stretch of road on the NC/TN Border that has 318 curves. It is a "Miata Road" for sure. Click on this link to see a 6 minute U-Tube video of some of the curves.  The video does not do it justice!  

** Check this out! The club is offering a $25.00 Gift Card to club members who plan and lead their Very First Drive or Event! Click this highlighted link to read about it!   Cathy Dunn & Norm Lightner just earned this Incentive. Who will be next?

** Fall for New England II in 2019 is over. It was a great event with 130 cars of people attending. Click this link to their web page as they said they would post more pictures there from the event:  https://ffne2.massmiata.net/  

** Miatas in Moab VI hosted by the Utah Miata club. April 30 - May 2, 2020.  Click the Orange "Regional Miata  Events" link near top of page for more info.

** Underground Miata Network, Canada, is having their 25th anniversary Regional Meet in August 13-16, 2020. Click this link for more Info: https://www.umn-c2m2-2020.com

** Miataland, Italy Cruise & Mediterranean Tour. Click the Orange "Regional Miata  Events" link near top of page for more info.

** Click this link to find an address list of the 10 Best BBQs in PA. You can view and print a long version with pictures or a short version without pictures.  Plan a drive to one and LETS GO!