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 PACE Annual Christmas Dinner, Don't miss this!
 Sue & Fred

 2019 Polar Bear Drive and McClearys Pub
 Joe & Sandy Golesh
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11-4-18 River Bend Brewery Pt 2, Tasting

11-3-18 Chili Cook-off


 ** Check this out! The club is now offering a $25.00 Gift Card to club members who plan and lead their Very First Drive! Click this highlighted link to read about it!   Leslie & Maury Fiorenza are the 1st to earn this Incentive. Who will be next?
**  Click this link to find an address list of the 10 Best BBQs in PA. You can view and print a long version with pictures or a short version without pictures.  LETS GO!  

    ** Fall for New England II:   10-01-18, New Info added!   ***The event registration is FULL***   This event will be held in Westford, MA, during September 2019,   As of 6-11-18, registration Is full and a waiting list has been started. More info will be added as it becomes available.     Click this link for more info!