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 Miatas Return to Amish Country!

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          Join us September 24-27, 2020 

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      Upcoming PACE Events

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   ** To be rescheduled when clear of COVID-19 **
  Spring Kick-Off Luncheon                         (Saturday)
   Joe & Sandy
   ** To be rescheduled when clear of COVID-19 ** 
  Zoomin' Perry & Juniata Counties            (Saturday)
    Joe & Sandy
  PACE Annual Summer Picnic                   (Saturday)
      Save the
      ** Registration is now closed. **
  Buggies & Bridges Regional Event.       (Sept 24-27)
   Pace Club
  PACE Christmas Party Luncheon            (Saturday)
   Sue & Fred
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2020-03 Brewster's BBQ

2020-02 Conewago Lunch


      Have you ever heard of the "Tail of the Dragon"? This is an 11 mile stretch of road on the NC/TN Border that has 318 curves. It is a "Miata Road" for sure. Click on this link to see a 6 minute U-Tube video of some of the curves.  The video does not do it justice!   

     Here are some videos of the Palmer Track from FFNE II
4 lap, 12 minute Palmer Video:   https://youtu.be/LwjCeFTYDL4
2 lap, shorter 6 minute Palmer Video:   https://youtu.be/U9ccVQDBrss

** Check this out! The club is offering a $25.00 Gift Card to club members who plan and lead their Very First Drive or EventClick this highlighted link to read about it!   Harold Hyer just recently earned this Incentive. Who will be next?

** Miatas in Moab VI hosted by the Utah Miata club. April 30 - May 2, 2020.  Click the Orange "Regional Miata  Events" link near top of page for more info.

** Underground Miata Network, Canada, is having their 25th anniversary Regional Meet in August 13-16, 2020. Click this link for more Info: https://www.umn-c2m2-2020.com

** Miataland, Italy Cruise & Mediterranean Tour. Click the Orange "Regional Miata  Events" link near top of page for more info.

** Click this link to find an address list of the 10 Best BBQs in PA. You can view and print a long version with pictures or a short version without pictures.  Plan a drive to one and LETS GO!