How to join the PACE Events Group


The PACE Events Group is powered by Google Groups and was created to promote discussions about events held throughout the year. Anyone can view any topic in the group however a Sign In is required to post a response. If you don’t have a Google Sign In then you’ll have to create one.

Start by clicking on the discussion icon in the sidebar. You will then see the following display:


Click on ‘Apply for group membership’ located on the right side. You will then see the following:                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Press the ‘Create an account’ button in the bottom box and follow the directions.

When the account is created proceed by clicking the ‘Click here to continue’ link.  

Choose one of the four options on how to read this group. Review your nickname i.e. this is the name that will appear on the group messaging. 

When finished click the ‘Apply to this group’ button. An email is then sent to the group moderator requesting to join. 

The moderator will then review your request and send you an acceptance email. Once received you can participate in the Group.