Back of the Dragon 4 Miata Event

Thursday, 10-15-20, 3:00pm to Sunday 10-18-20, 10:00am.

     The "Back of the Dragon" is a 32 mile stretch up and down over 3 mountains and thru the valleys between. It is not as intense as the Tail of the dragon, but affords more scenic views and enjoyable driving along with curves and switchbacks. I read there is also about 3,500 feel of elevation gains along the ride. Event drives start Friday am.

      Miatas at Back of the Dragon 4 will be held October 15-18, 2020 in Wytheville, VA. You can now make reservations for your room at the Fairfield Inn, 200 Marriott Way, Wytheville, VA 24382 . The phone number is 276-228-8080. You need to call that number directly and tell them you are with the Miata group to receive our discount. In the event that the Covid-19 situation causes us to have to cancel later on, you can cancel the rooms without charge. 

      The Event Chair may have to make some modifications due to Covid-19 restrictions, but hopefully they will be able to hold the event. They are looking forward to fun drives on curvy mountain roads including the Back of the Dragon! Check back later for more details!   Hope to see you there!

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Fairfield Inn, 200 Marriott Way, Wytheville, VA