Guided Drive Information

  ** We use CB Radios to talk on Drives.**

         Keep an eye on this listing of the drives we will be guiding during the event. We hope you find some to your liking. We will list "When" all of these will be held as we get closer to the event.  Thanks for your patience.  

     Links to Drive information will be added as they are finalized. The frequency of some drives will depend on the number of people requesting it.  

** Click on the Green Underlined word Drive at the end of each line below to get the directions and info for that particular drive.        

Guided Drive Listing:      Updated 1-25-20

* Northeastern Covered Bridge Drive. (Featured drive)
* Southeastern Covered Bridge Drive. (Featured drive)
* Lapps Family Farm Ice Cream Drive.
* Direct Amish Dinner Drive. (Friday)
* Scenic Amish Dinner Drive. (Friday)
* Yuengling Brewery Drive and Tour. (Friday)
* Susquehanna River Scenic Drive. 
* Zoom-Zoon Run to Shamokin Drive. (SPORTY!)
* Kauffman's BBQ Scenic Drive. (Saturday)
* Shady Maple Restaurant Drive. (Saturday)  


** PLEASE NOTE:  We will update this page as we have more info, so please just check back to see if we had more info to post.  But if you must ask questions, here is the event email address: