Fall for New England II

    The Massachusetts Miata Club hosted a really great Regional Event in 2012. We have all asked them to do another one, and guess what? A new event is scheduled or September 2019 in Westford, MA. The Dates are September 19, 20, and 21, 2019. Departure is Sunday morning, September 22. Some of us are reserving a room for Wednesday evening, 9-18-19 so we can be there for the event to start Thursday morning.

 The event registration is now FULL, and a waiting list is being formed!

** New Info, 8-16-19: Your selected Drives will be listed on your name tag. 
      FYI, here is a list of the drives and when they will be done. Most of the trips are going every day except: Palmer Track is only Thursday (7am),  Sturbridge Village (Friday only),  Cows, brews and mtn views are on Thursday & Friday only,  Micro Brewery is Saturday only,  Quabbin/Wachusett brewery is Friday only,  Battle Road is Friday and Saturday only,  Boston tour is not running at all (not enough interest)

** New Info, 3-2-19: Event Lists are now being sent out for you to select what activities you want to participate in. If you want to do the Palmer Track Event, get yours in NOW!

** New Info, 1-2-19:  Here is the link to the FFNE-2 Facebook page plus info on how to join (it is a closed group):


To become part of the group, simply request to join the group. It will ask you for the email address you used to register for the FFNE2 event. That is their way of verifying someone is actually attending. 

** New Info, 10-1-18: Make note in your calendars. You will receive the final trip schedule selection in March of 2019, and the meal choices will follow in June.  Be sure to get your selections in promptly, especially before the best trips are filled

    Click this green link for event Web Page: https://ffne2.massmiata.net/  

    You still register and get on the waiting list when on the event web page. Look to the left and you will find a Yellow "Register" button. Click this button on the event page, and you will go to the Register web page. Scroll towards the bottom of the Register page and fill in the blanks to register on-line. You will then be added to the waiting list. No money needs to be paid until you get an open slot.

    Click this green link to download and print an event registration form to mail in. But I recommend you register on-line to get on the waiting list sooner. No payment is required to just get on the wait list.  https://ffne2.massmiata.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Fall-for-New-England-2-Registration-Form-2018-05-26.pdf

    Hotel contact info is: Westford Regency Inn. Call 978-692-8200.

    Address is: 219 Littleton Rd. Westford, MA, 01886

** Be sure to tell them you are reserving for the MA CLub's "Fall For New England II" event. This will get you the preferred event rate of $135.00 a night.

    NOTE:  Be sure to mark on the registration if you want to participate in the track day at Palmer Motorsports. After Registering, PLEASE advise Bob Baylis that you want to do the track day. Send an email to Bob at: bobbaylis@comcast.net with all your Contact & PACE club information

    The Palmer Track event will be limited to the first 50 cars. After that they will have a standby/wait list. It's a $50.00 fee per driver for the day. (2 drivers in one car is $100.00). $10.00 per person for lunch. They hope to let everyone run up to 20 pace car led laps in the morning. Then they will group the slower cars together, and the faster cars together for up to another 20 pace car led laps in the afternoon. They are working to have instructors available to help if needed. (No Passing)

    Click this link to check out the the track at Palmer Motorsports Park!   https://www.palmermotorsportspark.com/trackinfo.aspx

    Don't miss this one!!!!  :)