GPS Self-Guided Drive

What is a GPS Drive?

     Before I explain “what”, please let me explain “why”.  Our Miata club depends on members to help with the activities. Since our members like to drive their Miatas, and eat at restaurants, we can combine these activities into a club drive.  BUT,…. The club needs volunteers to lead the drives. The GPS drives were created to give members experience in leading a simple drive, without the need to create it from scratch. We now have several ready-made and proofed GPS drives, waiting for a leader.

     A GPS drive is a simple drive where the leader can just put addresses in his or her GPS and lead a group to the selected destination. There can be just one destination, or several destinations in a row, as waypoints. A good example is the GPS Bird-In-Hand/Strasburg RR drive recently revised to several locations in central Lancaster County. This is a perfect way for a novice drive leader to get a good start without the work of creating the drive.

     This Drive starts at the Eden Resort, just off Route 30. For the first leg, the leader just inputs the address for the Giant Supermarket in Leola, and leads his group there. You will enjoy country scenery along the way.

     At the Giant Store parking lot, He next inputs the address for the Bird-In-Hand Farmer’s Market & Gift Shop and leads the group to the Market. If you like farm fresh produce, and home baked goods, you will love this place. There are many stands that have samples for you to enjoy. We did for sure! We spent about an hour there checking over everything.

     Before leaving the Market, the leader can put the address of the Bird-In-Hand Restaurant in the GPS and lead the group there. This is good country cooking! They have a smorgasbord, or you can order off the menu. If you are a “Senior”, before going to your table, ask for the Senior Discount card to get a 10% discount off your meal. We enjoyed about an hour there too!

     Before leaving the Restaurant, the leader will put his next destination in the GPS. This is the Stoltzfus Country Butcher Shop & Deli with more Amish baked and jar goods. You may want to take a Cooler Chest along and take home some fresh meats or sausages. Most are made by this company.

     Before leaving the Butcher Shop, the leader will put in the address for Dutch Haven Shoofly Pie and Gift shop. You can sample and buy fresh made Shoofly pies, and brows the Amish made crafts in the Gift Shop. The pies are REALLY good, and the handmade crafts are nice!

     Before leaving Dutch Haven, the leader will put in the address for the Strasburg Railroad and the PA Railroad Museum. If you like old Steam Trains, you will LOVE this! You could easily spend a couple hours at these 2 locations. I have ridden the Strasburg RR, and seen the Museum. Both are a must see for anyone interested in old trains.

     Before leaving Strasburg Railroad, the leader will put in the address for the Eden Resort start point. The group can then follow him back to the start point to complete the trip. 

     Don’t be afraid to try to lead this fearing your GPS might take you in an incorrect route. There were 3 of us who did a test run of this Drive. Our goal was to see if our own GPS took us in a different route that the others along with us. Guess what? We did have times where each took different routes following our GPS, but we all had good routes, and ended up where we wanted to be.

     This is a very simple drive. Click HERE to access this GPS drive's “address list”. I would also be willing to help anyone, or all, who wants to try leading this drive. Just start with a small group, and let me know if you need my help. 

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     For turn by Turn directions for the Shady Maple Drive from B&B3, Click HERE.


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