Lunch at the Ricketts Glen Hotel

Tuesday, June 5 at 9:00AM

Join Sandy and Joe Golesh for this mid-week PACEmaker drive to the ever popular Ricketts Glen Hotel located conveniently in the middle of nowhere.  This has been a favorite drive for some members. Last drive season a nice group of PACE cars proceeded to the middle of nowhere to discover the hotel was CLOSED!  Oh NO!  We had endured a fun drive of 90+ miles, on great 2 lane, only to discover an empty parking lot.  But fear not.....after an update and repairs on their well they are back in business.  We called this time.  The Date is Tuesday June 5 2018. We will meet at Hardees Restaurant 724 Allegheny St Dauphin, PA 17018 for a 9:00 AM departure. 

This is a great opportunity for all those retired members out there to take a mid week drive.  For members still working what better reason than to take a day off for your mental health.  Think about your Miata, lunch in a unique place and finish with ICE CREAM at the end. Be sure and let Sandy and Joe know you will be joining them