Our First Ever Drive

Saturday, June 16 at 10:00AM

Maury & Leslie Fiorenza would like to lead their first ever ride on June 16th. It's really a ride to nowhere - call it whatever you like.

We will meet at Turkey Hill on Richmond Drive in Lancaster (601 Richmond Dr, Lancaster, PA 17601 - Richmond Square) and will end near Rt 81/Rt 83 in Harrisburg for cars can scatter home from there. We will be leave promptly at 10:00 for the restaurant to accommodate separate checks and there is an 18 car limit.

We are driving north and by Indian Town Gap Cemetery and will stop at the static display of helicopters and tanks before lunch at Harpers Tavern http://www.harperstavern.com/. At the start of the drive we will be collecting anyone who wants to donate a burial flag from a deceased Veteran. The cemetery displays the flags on their Avenue of Flags on patriotic holidays and during special events. If those that donate would like to receive a Certificate of Appreciation, please include your name and address for us when you give us the flag. We will take another day to drive them up to the cemetery because the office is only open Mon-Fri. We are donating the flag that was given to Leslie when her Dad died 25+ years ago.

After lunch we will meander through some nice roads and end for ice cream at https://www.facebook.com/3BIceCream/.

We are fair weather drivers so if it rains it will be rescheduled. Please contact us at:
fioreles@gmail.com soon, as the restaurant has limited seating, but definitely before June 12th.

Leslie & Maury Fiorenza

Turkey Hill