River Bend Hop Farm & Brewery, Part 1 & 2.

    No the club did not buy a brewery!  This event will be a double feature. The first part will be a drive to the River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery (http://www.riverbendhopfarmandbrewery.com/) near Newport in Perry County, to watch and/or assist the brew master select and mix ingredients to brew our own Lager. River Bend brews small batches so we will make approximately 31 Gallons of beer. The second feature will be a drive to the brewery to drink and enjoy the beer we have brewed after it has aged and is ready for drinking. You can also enjoy the other beers, mixed drinks and food they have. So following are the dates and times for each event. You can choose to be part of either or both events. Due to the schedule at the brewery we can only brew the beer on a weekday.

** Wednesday, September 26, 9am, Part 1 Brewing.

    Join Sandy and Joe Golesh on a different club event. Part one, brewing our own beer. The date is Wednesday September 26. We need to be at the brewery at 11 AM and you can stay as long as you want. River Bend is a small local operation with limited space so only 8 people can be in the brewing area at once, however there is no car limit for this event. Everyone is invited to enjoy the drive. The brewery will provide lunch. The brewery is closed to the public on Wednesdays and there is no cost for this day. We will meet at The Turkey Hill 6708 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 for a 9 AM departure. The Turkey Hill has the usual C-store services and there is a larger parking area next to it at the CVS Pharmacy that we will utilize. The drive of course will be on the usual Perry County 2 lane. 

    Be sure and let Sandy and Joe know you will join them on this unique experience by e-mailing them for part 1 at:  j_sgolesh@hotmail.com

*** Sunday, November 4th, 11am, Part 2, Tasting.

Join Sandy and Joe Golesh for Part two of our beer brewing adventure on this beautiful fall Sunday afternoon November 4 to sample the PACE Miata Club Lager we brewed a little over 5 weeks before. We will meet at The Turkey Hill 6708 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 for an 11AM departure for The River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery. The brewery will be open for normal business so we will sample the beer we made plus you can try the other beers they have as well as mix drinks and food items. Checkout the menu for an idea about prices. Beers vary by type and change frequently. 

Please let us know if you will join us for part 2 at:  j_sgolesh@hotmail.com

     For more brewery info:  (http://www.riverbendhopfarmandbrewery.com/)

6708 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg Turkey Hill